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Welcome to Just Ask For Help,

This is the place for people who are struggling to reach out, none of us wants to burden our family and friends. If you are one that finds it a challenge to ask for help, you are not alone, I was just like you in the past? Let me begin by telling you about me, and then we will learn more about what this website can do for you.

Meet Jeff

I had always worked a low-income job, but I had a wife and three boys to support. Even though I hated my job with a passion, I  could not find a better-paying job where I lived. Like many people, I stayed working a job that paid very little, and I had to push myself out the door each and every day.

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Then My World Fell Apart

I was only in my mid-thirties when my health left me down, so I was forced to apply for disability. After my sons grew up my ex abandoned me, I lost everything that meant the world to me. For years I struggled to live on a fixed income, yet going back to college didn’t work out for me. By this time, I was depressed and frustrated.

One Book Changed My Life

I always read self-help books to better myself, but this one book was about how to reprogram your thinking. You see by this time, I had hit rock bottom. This book got me on the right track again, it taught me how to stop the negative thoughts and change them into positive ones instead. This was my first step to taking back my life, so guess what happened next?

Enough Was Enough

I now was feeling much better about myself, I knew the only option I had was to work from home. I started doing online surveys, but that was a waste of my time. Joined several training programs online, I learned a little from some, and nothing from others. Many of the training programs are SCAMS, but something inside of me would not allow me to throw in the towel.


God Answered My Prayers

I prayed many times every day for the answer, one day God lead me to this business training community, I hesitated to join and upgrade to a paid member. Then something inside of me told me to give it one more try, you will find every member is like family, everyone goes out of their way to help one another. It all comes down to this was what turned my life around, and now it is time for me to give back.

Just Ask For Help

This is my way of giving back to other people struggling, I lived my entire life living from paycheck to paycheck. Then my health forced me to work from home, but with my restrictions finding the right job seemed nearly impossible. It all comes down to that this website is for those of you just like me, someone who wants nothing more than to live a better life.

Anyone Can Succeed Online

No matter your situation you can succeed online, when I started out writing scared the poop out of me. I had to push myself to get started, but there are free grammar and spelling tools you can use. Just like me, you can learn to earn income online by writing. I have the faith anyone can do this if I could, but the most difficult part is taking that first step.


How I Can Help You?

I am no expert by any means, you will not start making money right away. You can succeed just like I have, and how much you can earn depends on you? I can provide you guidance that I never had, you will find my goals are to create a small community one day. What are my plans you might be thinking, and I am going to share just some of them?

  • Free Training Courses
  • Paid Training Courses
  • The Tools You Need
  • Opportunities
  • Help Getting Started
  • Software
  • Free Personal Mentoring
  • Our Own Little Community

My website and services will cost you absolutely not a thing, I am doing this because I love to help people. Now more than ever people are struggling, it will not happen overnight. You will have to do your homework, but you will never be alone on your new adventure.

Who Is This For?

Everyone is welcome, as long as you are willing to put in the work. Maybe this is right for you, and maybe this is not for you? There is only one way to find out, and that is to take that first step.

  • College Students
  • Retired
  • Disabled
  • Veterans
  • Unemployed
  • Deep in Medical Bill Debt
  • Low-Income
  • Minimum Wage Workers
  • Homeowners
  • Hate your Job
  • Job Searchers
  • Part-Time Employment
  • Self Employed
  • Survey Takers

These are not even close to the people this can help, I suggest you think it over. Do you possibly fit in any of the categories on the list, and if you do it will cost you nothing to take the first step. I can promise you my heart is true, every word on this page comes from my heart to help you.




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