Best Smoke Alarms For The Home

I just read an article on the best smoke alarms for the home, and this got me thinking about how often house fires occur with disabled people? With so many people being disabled either physically or mentally, you are going to find this a very important topic. Living in an apartment building for only about 6 months, we have had more than one fire per month. The majority of these were started by people falling asleep with something on the stove, but lucky my apartment building has a very good smoke alarm system.

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best smoke alarms for the home

Apartment Building Fires

There is an extremely high fire response by firemen to apartment buildings, and there also is a high amount of disabled and elderly living there. People with cognitive disabilities account for the majority of the fires, I am sure you can guess the most common area is the kitchen. I got lucky and my apartment is right beside the stairs, so every time we have a fire alarm go off my dog and I are able to get out very quickly.

  • Be familiar with your exit options
  • People confined to mobility devices more likely can’t use the stairs, so what you need to do is consult with your apartment manager about what you should do?
  • What are your evacuation options?
  • Evacuation chairs are one solution to consider
  • Another option is an escape mattress
  • Consider fire areas in your apartment
  • Come up with ways for fire avoidance in your apartment
  • Be sure you have smoke alarms installed if needed
  • Heat detectors are another device that is available
  • Fire Extinguishers

By installing either of these products you can reduce your death risks by 60%, you should always have one of these in your kitchen, bedroom, and your hallways. My apartment has one in every room, so I do feel pretty safe. I also have emergency cords in my bedroom and bathroom, I really made it a point to check on these things being on the 6th floor.

Evacuation Chairs

These are specially made chairs for people with mobility limitations during an evacuation, you will find these can be the difference of getting out of your apartment safe. These are extremely lightweight, and fold up for easy storage. This is not only one of the safest, but also one of the quickest methods for firefighters to get you out of a burning building. Even other tenants who are healthy enough can use this to save your life, so this is a good investment if you experience mobility problems.

 Escape Mattress

This is the alternative method for bedridden people, so if you are not able to sit in a chair this is what you need instead. I  will warn you these both are not inexpensive investments, but how much value do you put on your life? You might want to contact your health insurance company about these, you might be able to get financial assistance if you qualify?

Smoke Alarms

Even though it is the law every apartment building must have smoke alarms, you might find many in the big cities if they even have them don’t even work. Government-operated apartment buildings like I live in it is mandatory, and there are yearly inspections to be sure that they work. You might know these as low-income apartment buildings, and you pay approximately 30% of your income for an apartment.

Heat Detectors

These are also devices in case of an apartment fire, and they simply are heat-sensitive. When the heat becomes to a specific temperature, you will know it with the heat detector going off.


best smoke alarms for the home


What Is The Difference?

I am sure you are wondering what is the difference between the two, and to be honest with you until researching to write this article I never heard of heat detectors. So I went to Honeywell to find out the answer to this question, and here is what they had to say?

Heat detectors are designed to minimize your property damage by alarming you when the temperature becomes a specific degree.

Smoke Alarms are designed to protect you as well as your property, so installing a smoke alarm is your best choice for your safety.

Fire Extinguishers

I am sure you all know this is to be able to put out small fires, and many times these can prevent a fire from becoming a huge fire. Oddly my apartment does not have one as far as I know, so I am going to be checking on this right after I finish writing this article for you.

Best Evacuation Chairs?

  • Evac-Chairs
  • MFI Medical Equipment
  • CWI Medical
  • Universal Medical
  • Divine Medical

Since Evac-Chair is rated to be the very best, I checked my medical supplier and they do carry this brand. In fact, this is the only brand they sell. If you wish to check with them first, you will want to click on this link to take you to the exact page. You might be interested to know they do provide payment plans, so this might be a good option for some of you?

best smoke alarms for the home

I noticed they also sell Evac-Sleds that are less expensive, so you might want to consider a sled instead of a chair? They also sell what is called an Evac-Mat, and it looks similar to an escape mattress.

Best Escape Mattresses

  • Evac-Chair
  • Mega Depot
  • Unique Medical
  • MFI Medical
  • Grayline Medical

Again the company Evac-Chair is rated as the best, and you can purchase one from my health supplier on payments. You will see them on the same page as the evacuation chairs and sleds, so I am not going to provide you the link again.

Best Smoke Alarms

  • First Alert
  • Bellman
  • Kiddie
  • System Sensor
  • Silent Call

As you can see it seems almost everyone carries smoke alarms, So these are the better brands for you to consider. I know Health Products for You carries most of these brands, but I am pretty sure they don’t sell the First Alert. smoke alarm.

Heat Detectors

  • Napco Gem
  • System Sensor
  • Kiddie
  • Edwards
  • BRK Electronics

I just checked and my medical supplier does not sell this product at all, and actually, the smoke alarms are better recommended anyway. If you do want to check them out, I have listed the top brands above for you.

Fire Extinguishers

  • First Alert
  • Kiddie
  • Amerex
  • Buckeye
  • Halon

If you choose to go with Kiddie, you can purchase that brand from my Medical Supplier. Again, that is the only brand they carry. I prefer to purchase my health and medical merchandise from a medical supply over Amazon or Walmart. I am not saying anything against either store, so if you can get a better deal and a good brand go for it.

Fire Extinguisher Page

Medical Suppliers

To complete my article I decided to provide you a list of medical suppliers, you really should try to find one you like if anyone in your family is disabled. You can buy almost everything you need from one place, and the one I use provides very competitive prices and treats me right.

  • Master Medical Equipment
  • DME Supply USA
  • Health Products for You
  • Oxygen Direct
  • American Quality Health Products
  • Medical Products Direct
  • Help Supplies
  • MedMart
  • Zoro
  • Express Medical Supplies
  • MedEx Supply
  • ADW Diabetes

This is a good list of suppliers you can check out, and I do hope you decide to go with one of them soon? You will receive your orders much quicker from them, and they rarely are out of stock of what you need and want. I love Health Products for You, so that is who I am staying with. They are a family business, and I like doing business with a family business better.


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