Can You Work With A Disability

Many people with health issues become frustrated, and the reason why is they can’t find a job they are able to do. Can you work with a disability, and the answer is often yes. The problem is most of us get depressed trying one after another with no success, so what you are able to do depends on what your limitations are? I could not even go back to college, but I tried several times. If you experience frequent flare-ups, your choices are much less. You can trust me, I have walked in your shoes, so I do understand how difficult it is to find the right new career.


can you work with a disability

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What Are Your Limitations?

Some of you might be experiencing physical limitations, but others might have mental health limitations? Your first step must be to be able to determine these, and once you know this you can start researching what your options are?

  • Physical
  • Mental health
  • Learning limitations
  • Hearing-impaired
  • Anxiety disorders

I suffer several of the limitations on the list above, so that made it nearly impossible for me to work outside of the home. I experience low energy with chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and learning limitations. So I spent much of my life depressed from failure, and this only provided me more severe symptoms.

What Can You Do With Physical Pain?

When you are in pain most of the time, you struggling to do many simple everyday things. Usually, you will be forced to find a way to work from home, but to do this you will need training. Most of you will not be able to attend college, so you will need to consider online learning.

  • Udemy
  • Creative Live
  • EdX
  • Coursera

How many of you can’t afford to pay to take college classes online, and often social security will not assist you? Your best choices are the ones on the list above, so I learned most of my online skills from Udemy. Many of them were free courses, and they didn’t cost me anything.


can you work with a disability


Best Careers With Physical Limitations

Before you can even check into training, you must research what you could possibly do? Here is a list that is recommended for people with such limitations, so this might give you some ideas?

  • Graphic designer
  • Researcher
  • Accountant
  • Web designer
  • Computer programmer
  • Mentor
  • Artist
  • Writer
  • Entrepreneur

Do any of these options interest you, and if so you will want to do some research. The next step is to narrow down your interested ones, and once you decide then consider where you wish to learn.

Careers With Mental Health Limitations

Many people today are experiencing mental health limitations, and I developed mine after long-term stress from my ex-wife. She just didn’t understand why I could not work, and no matter how much I tried to explain to her it only made things worse. You will find a high divorce rate among disabled people, so this only increases our mental health to become more severe.

  • Web developer
  • Computer programmer
  • Hairstylist
  • Nail technician
  • Graphic designer
  • Writer
  • Photographer

I just want you to know I don’t totally agree with these lists, but this is what the medical experts recommend. So go through the same process to find the best fit for you, and then search for online courses to learn from.

Careers With Learning Disabilities

Many times a person with learning limitations can learn new skills, but they just need to find the method that works for them. Video training is often a good choice, so this is something to consider for the future.

  • Fast food worker
  • Photographer
  • Video editor
  • Housekeeper
  • Farmworker
  • Retail
  • Customer service
  • Receptionist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Security guard

These are what are possibilities with learning limitations, I am noticing a pattern of options in most of these lists. It seems the artistic field is a common choice, so just keep this in mind as you are deciding.


can you work with a disability


What About If You Are Hearing Impaired?

I am very thankful my hearing is good, so can you imagine what it would be like not to be able to hear? Believe it or not, you are able to find jobs even with this limitation.

  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing
  • Researcher
  • Bookkeeper
  • Engineer
  • Web designer
  • Computer programmer
  • Technical writer
  • Biologist
  • Entrepreneur

I really find it hard to work when you can’t hear, but I guess anything is possible? Are you noticing many of the choices are computer-related, so maybe something working with a computer is an option? Our next paragraph fits me very well, I am a very anxious person with social anxiety.

What Can You Do With Anxiety Disorders?

There are many types of anxiety disorders, but what controls my life the most is my social anxiety. Even though I have come a long way, I still struggle with doing new things and going to new places.

  • Research
  • Web designer
  • Computer programmer
  • Graphic design
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Animal breeder
  • Entrepreneur

These are your best options for anxiety disorders, but what many people don’t realize most of us have more than one limitation. I started off with physical chronic pain, but as time went by I developed social anxiety. Most people receiving disability are the same, so often when your body lets you down your mental health becomes worse.

What I Ended Up Doing?

For years I beat myself up, and even as hard as I tried my symptoms kept me from any success. One day I was online and stumbled upon this blogging community, this is what turned my life around. I received everything I needed to start a successful online business, so these are just some of the benefits I received.

  • WordPress websites
  • Web design training
  • Business training
  • Writing training
  • Research tools
  • Classes

All this was available all in one place, so being desperate I signed up for the Free Starter Membership. I figured what do I have to lose its free to check it out, you don’t need to give them a credit card to sign up. Of course, I thought this is just another online scam.

I Am Finally Debt Free

This actually was the real thing, but it is not a get-rich-quick opportunity. You will find out it really does work, but you must have faith in the training plus patience. Today, I have paid off all my credit cards. I am still able to receive my disability benefits, you have an earning allowance. Everyone is different, but mine is $1020.00 per month, so to find out yours contact your social security office.


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