Free Christmas Gifts Programs

Just Ask For Help has decided to provide you with options for a variety of problems, many families are in need of Free Christmas Gifts Programs. That will be what we are going to focus on in my article today, even if this does not apply to you maybe you know someone who needs these programs?

Prices are exactly the same for you if your purchase is through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. You will not pay more by clicking through to the link. I encourage you to read my affiliate disclosure for more information. Please share my website with anyone you know in need of assistance, I thank you for visiting Just Ask For Help.


free christmas gifts programs

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Why Not You?

Before I provide you with several options to provide your family a Merry Christmas, I ask you, Why Not You? This is an opportunity many couples have used to earn extra income, I am not going to tell you a bunch of garbage to convince you to take the Affiliate Bootcamp courses, but for anyone interested in more information just click the link above below the image.

Best Free Christmas Gift Programs

With the opportunity above presented to you let us begin helping you, remember even if this does not apply to you someone you know might benefit by sharing this article with them? You will find this is a website dedicated to providing you options to solve problems, I just want to make it clear YOU are the most important to Just Ask For Help.

  • Toys for Tots
  • Operations Christmas Child
  • USPS Operation Santa
  • United Way
  • The Salvation Army

You and your family deserve a Merry Christmas, we are facing the most difficult times with financial poverty? Did you ever imagine this to happen to you, If your answer is NO you are not alone, this just does not occur in the United States, or does it?

Toys For Tots

I must admit this is my favorite option for children, there is no child who should not find Christmas Gifts on Xmas Day? You can be sure this is a worthy option to consider, and here is some information to help you know more about how they can help you?

  • Operated by the Marines
  • Donates toys to children for Christmas
  • Super easy for you to apply
  • Not in need, maybe you would like to donate?
  • New unwrapped toys for tots
  • American less fortunate children eligible
  • Toys for Tots is a community service people like you volunteer
  • Maybe you have Questions?
  • Interested in becoming a toy dropout in your own community?
  • Fund event information
  • Volunteering
  • Check on your Toys for Tots application status
  • Apply for a needy child you might know in your family or neighborhood?
  • Find your local Toys for Tots community

Does any of the above apply to you or someone you know, I am sure if you open your heart you can find your own way to be involved with Toys for Tots? Just click here for more information, please if you know a child in need please don’t hesitate to apply?


free chrismas gifts programs

Purchase A Gift To Donate


Operation Christmas Child

Another good option to consider is Operations Christmas Child, I must be honest with you this is new to me? This is highly recommended for children in need as well, together let us find out more about this organization?

  • A shoebox full of toys for children on Xmas morning
  • Christian-based
  • Build a shoebox online opportunity
  • God’s love at work
  • Started in the year 1993
  • More than 188 million shoeboxes since 1993
  • Impressing this is available in over 170 counties
  • Tens of thousands of volunteers from around the world
  • Over 9.1 million shoeboxes were collected in 2020
  • Pack a shoebox gift
  • Donate
  • Volunteer
  • Pray

How has this information reached your heart, I must admit this has really impressed me? More people should consider participating in opportunities like this one, if you are able, how much trouble would it be to Pack a Shoebox Gift for a needy little boy or girl? Read the true stories by clicking here, I receive absolutely nothing from this organization other than spreading the word to you?

USPS Operation Santa

What about all the children that pour their hearts out to Santa each and every year, how many of these kids would love to hear back from Santa? Actually, this opportunity allows you to be Santa and answer the children who write to him? How much would this simple gesture brighten not only their Christmas but possibly even your own? For anyone interested, I have provided more details below?

  • Read letters from Santa’s mailroom
  • Answer the letters he can’t
  • You read and choose the letters that reach your heart
  • Shop for the perfect gift sent from Santa himself
  • Learn how to pack and ship your gift with the USPS Operation Santa packing guide
  • Ship your gift by December 19th at the nearest participating post office
  • You have the power to provide a Merry Christmas to one or several children with this kind gesture
  • Do it on your own
  • Create a community or church team
  • Sign up if God’s heart is speaking to you

For your convenience, you can without any obligation read some of the letters written by real children? Even if you can’t participate yourself, maybe you know others who are able to? Open your heart and allow God in, so many children are needy and need our help?

United Way

How many of you realized the United Way is an option and an opportunity, many communities have this organization but many of the families lack the knowledge of how they can help them? The website shares there are almost 1800 around the world, I invite you to learn more about them below.

  • 1200 communities around the world
  • 40 countries
  • 2.6 million volunteers
  • 4.8 billion dollars raised yearly
  • Find the United Way near you
  • Financial assistance
  • Medical issues
  • Volunteer
  • Working with the United Way
  • Get your business involved
  • Project funding


We bring people and organizations together to do more together than any of us can do on our own. Employers, nonprofits, government, faith organizations, educators, labor, health providers, community leaders, youth, and many others partner with us. Together, we tackle some of the world’s toughest issues. We’re after solutions that create real change. It’s not simple, or easy. But we’re making progress and seeing results.  Click here for the United Way’s featured programs that help people just like you, do you have any time to volunteer?

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is another option for struggling families, you will more likely have this organization near you? For many of you, this might be the best place to start for Christmas? I want you to know the many services they provide people just like you, but if you are not needy possibly you can spare a little of your time?

  • Holiday Giving
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Food Assistance
  • Poverty Escape Opportunities
  •  Rehabilitation
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Job Training
  • Human Trafficking Options
  • Services for Veterans
  • Senior Citizen Services
  • Domestic Abuse Assistance
  • After School Programs
  • Pandemic Poverty

Do you need any assistance from The Salvation Army, if so you can Contact Them Here? There are many options waiting for you for a Merry Christmas, but these are where I would begin if you are in need of a helping hand? Now I have something for those of you whose hearts are wishing to make a difference, you will want to read more if this sounds like you?


free christmas gifts programs

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Worthy Children Charities

It does not matter if you are in need of assistance or wish to help, you have access to what I consider the best kids charities to contact? We all need a helping hand from time to time, so never be ashamed to reach out for help? Now here is my list for you for now, or if you ever need it, I would print this article out for future reference?

  • Save the Children
  • Children’s Health Fund
  • Child Find of America
  • Prevent Child Abuse
  • Shoes That Fit
  • Reach Out and Read
  • Lunchbox Fund
  • Tobacco-Free Kids
  • Partnership to End Addiction
  • No Kid Hungry
  • Make a Wish

You can reach out for a helping hand or get involved with any of these organizations, Save the Children is one of my favorites for doing something that really can dramatically change a child’s life, many of these might apply to your child or another child you know? Sharing is caring, please share this article on all your favorite social media websites.

Do You Need Help?

Just Ask For Help sincerely encourages you to leave me comments if you need help, even if I can’t personally assist you, I will do my best to provide you with some options? Do you have any article requests, just leave them in my comments section, and I will do my best to write on what you are dealing with?


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