Free Computers For Disabled Veterans

Free computers for disabled veterans is only one of the freebies today, so you will want to read this article to find what all you are entitled to? Even though we don’t provide them enough for what they did for our country, they should be aware of what they are able to receive for their sacrifices.

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free computers for disabled veterans

Disabled Veterans

It is terrible how many of our disabled veterans are treated, so many come back to the United States with mental and physical limitations? As you might recall I wrote an article not long ago about free phones for disabled veterans, so that inspired me to search further for more things you are entitled to? During my search for computers, I even found more to share with you. So this article will provide you more than computers, and I am more than happy to be able to provide this information to you.

  • No Barriers Warriors Programs
  • Heroes Warehouse
  • Veterans Land Board
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Veterans of Foreign Affairs

These are what I was able to find while researching for this article, you can be sure I am going to keep my eyes open for future articles as well. Just Ask for Help is dedicated to all people with disabilities, from children to the elderly. Check my article Health Products for the Disabled, I purchase about 70% of my needs here with an awesome rewards program.

No Barriers Warriors Programs

I am sure you would love to know more about these programs, so let us begin with the first one and work our way down to the last one. This will save you time researching on your own, and I am sure you have better things to do with your time? I want to provide you as much information as possible, you are important to me and you are not alone, I also struggle with being disabled too.

  • Free Vacations for Disabled Veterans
  • Support System
  • Recovery Programs
  • Physical Activities
  • Mental Recovery
  • Connect with other Disabled Veterans
  • Set and Achieve your Goals
  • Submit an Application
  • Refer a Veteran in Need

No Barriers USA is located in the state of Colorado, so you know there will be plenty of activities to do? If you would prefer to read the eligibility guidelines, I have provided them for you? This will allow you to know what is involved before submitting your application, this is an opportunity that might be right for you?

Heroes Warehouse

This program was founded by Mary Kelly-Mohr in 2016, we thank her for being thoughtful enough to support our veterans. Now I am going to tell you what her program can do for you, and please don’t be too proud to consider this assistance, you really do deserve a helping hand.

  • Homeless Veterans Program
  • Furniture
  • Home Essentials
  • Permanent Homes
  • No Cost to You
  • Helped over 5600 Veteran Families
  • Totally Volunteer Program
  • Furniture and Home Essentials Donations Accepted if You Live Locally
  • Donate Money Instead Appreciated

For Pick-up Service please contact us at:


(909) 714-2640

Or email us at

Money Donations or mailed to

P.O. Box 311202. Fontana, CA 92331

Nonprofit Tax ID# 81-1372885

The information above allows you to be an important part of this program, you can trust that all your donations are used only to assist Veteran families. There is no paid staff, so everything is put towards helping families get back on their feet again.


free computers for disabled veterans


Veterans Land Board

This is an opportunity for Texas Veterans to own property in the state of Texas. How it works is you are able to bid on the land, I am sadly going to inform you this is currently closed due to COVID. Members may use the VA land loan program to purchase the property, any land unsold will be open for the public. What you can find out about it by visiting their website, and if this article is helpful please leave me a comment?

  • Land Loans
  • Home Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • SCRA Assistance
  • Burial Benefits
  • Therapies

If any of these interest you, I have provided this link to all of the forms for the list above. So this is my way of assisting you to get started, you can keep checking on the website for when the Land Bidding starts up again?

Department of Veterans Affairs

Are you unable to drive because of your disabilities, and if so you will be interested in learning more about what you are entitled to? If you are eligible you will be able to receive VA Automobile Allowance, but also adaptive equipment is another benefit you are able to apply for?

At least one of these must be true for you. You have:

  • Loss, or permanent loss of use, of 1 or both feet, or
  • Loss, or permanent loss of use, of 1 or both hands, or
  • Permanent decreased vision in both eyes: 20/200 vision or less in your better eye with glasses, or greater than 20/200 vision but with a visual field defect that has reduced your peripheral vision to 20 degrees or less in your better eye, or
  • A severe burn injury, or
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), or
  • Ankylosis in 1 or both knees or hips (Note: This qualifies you for an adaptive-equipment grant only)

Who’s covered?

  • Veterans
  • Servicemembers

This can be a lifesaver for many of you, so remember you only need to have one of the things listed above to be able to apply for assistance? If you were to purchase the adaptive equipment on your own, you would be investing a fortune. If this applies to you, I urge you to go to the website to learn more.


free computers for disabled veterans


Veterans Of Foreign Affairs

The VFW financial grant is something you should be aware of, I am wondering from any of you Veterans does the government notify you that these programs exist? I would love to know, so if you leave me a comment I would appreciate it very much.

VFW Unmet Needs Program

  • Up to $1500.00
  • Basic Life Needs Grant
  • No Re-Payment Required
  • Deployment
  • Military Accident or Injury

If you wish to learn if you are eligible, you can learn more from this document available through the Veterans of Foreign Affairs website. It never hurts to check these programs out, I do hope this article is providing you information that can help you out?

Free Computer Programs

This is the main reason you came to Just Ask For Help today, so now I am going to provide you ways you can acquire a free computer. Some are for Veterans, and some for non-Veterans, but these all are worth checking out to see if you qualify?

Here are four to get you started, you can also apply for Government grants as a Veteran. If you are living on a low-income with school-age children there are programs available, I just found this for you as well. Free Laptops By Government for Low-Income Families, you might also check this out as the others on the list above?

Dedicated To Disabled Veterans

This article is dedicated to all the men and women who have served in the military, you are not receiving nearly enough for your service. I especially feel this way towards the Veterans who returned home disabled, so many of these men and women take their own lives eventually. Society has made it even worse shunning them, if you are a Veteran hold your head up in pride and never allow the ignorant people to get you down.


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