French Lavender Plant Care

Lavender has so many uses it only makes sense to grow it yourself, so are you interested in french lavender plant care? That is what my article is about today, if you are interested in learning about this specific type of herb please read on? This is one of my favorite herbal plants, with easy step-by-step plant care tips.

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french lavender plant care
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Lavender Types

This herb is planted in gardens almost everywhere, but you can also grow these in containers right in your own home? That is what you will learn in this article how to do, but first, let us check the types of this herb we have to choose from?

  • French Spanish Lavender
  • Anouk
  • Ballerina
  • With Love
  • Regal Splendour
  • Pretty Polly
  • Butterfly
  • Fringed
  • Provence
  • Hidcote Giant
  • Royal Velvet
  • Little Lottie
  • Folgate
  • Thumbelina
  • Pink English Lavender
  • Alba Nana

You will find these are just some of the most popular English and French lavender types, I just wanted you to be aware there are many different types of this herb available for you to choose from? Let us move on, we have quite a bit to cover before getting to how to care for French lavender?

Lavender Seed Tips

The least expensive method is growing them from seeds, but I have experienced the easiest is from cuttings or by dividing a lavender plant? For the price of herbs, I would invest in buying a plant. For those of you who prefer to go with seeds, I am going to tell you how to get the best results.

  • Patience is a must with this method
  • It can take up to 3-4 months before you see any type of growth
  • Temperatures between 65 & 70 is a must
  • Portable greenhouses or heating mats are recommended

Now you understand better the requirements, next, I am going to provide you with how to plant your seeds. Once you read this section, I am sure you will be more than ready to give this a try.

Planting Lavender Seeds

I am going to provide you with the process of planting your seeds, you will want to follow these steps carefully? So here we go to learn how to plant lavender seeds, and anyone wishing to go this route I wish you much success.

  1. You will need a shallow seed tray
  2. Barely cover your seeds with soil
  3. Vermiculite is a light seed starting soil I recommend
  4. Keeping your seeds moist is the key to germination
  5. Be careful to keep them moist, but avoid over-watering the soil
  6. Set your seed tray in a warm sunny location
  7. Once your lavender seedlings have several leaves they are ready to plant
  8. I have noticed the first year they grow very little, but the second year they really take off.

Growing by seed is not really difficult to do, but you must provide your seeds tender loving care until they begin to grow? Patience and persistence is the key to this process, I have had the most success growing them in a portable greenhouse in front of my balcony window.


french lavender plant care

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Ready To Plant Your Lavender Plant

You have babied your seeds and seedlings until it is time to plant them, so our next step is to choose the container? There are many types of flower pots to consider, but what should we look for in the perfect one for our new houseplant?

  • You will want to go with a container at least 12 inches deep
  • As your lavender grows be sure to replant it in a larger  container
  • Well drainage is a must for this herb, so be sure you have good drainage holes in the container that you choose
  • Avoid potting trays under your container for this specific plant

This was not difficult at all, you can choose the container material of your choice. I prefer to use ceramic ones for my indoor plants, they require less watering and are great for home decor.

What Potting Mix To Use

Many people don’t take this nearly seriously enough, if you plant your lavender in a succulent potting mix it will not do very well? Succulents mixes are less nutrient-rich soil, but this is perfect for them because they don’t require the nutrients other plants do?

  • To begin preparing your container add approximately two inches of pea gravel
  • Fill the remainder with an alkaline, sandy potting mix
  • A  few inches of mulch is optional if you plan on  setting your plant outdoors during the summer

One thing I love about herbs is they are very easy to grow, you will find the best plants for beginners are succulents, cactus, and of course herbs.

Best Spot For Our Plant

Many times if we only would move our plant if it is not doing well we could save them, but you must do this gradually as not to lose them? For herbs, you want a sunny spot in your home near a window. They love the warmth and the light to grow the best, so let us learn more about this?

  • Lavender requires eight hours of light per day
  • A south-facing balcony or patio is a perfect spot
  • No balcony or patio, you will then choose a south-facing window in your home if possible
  • Lack of light signs will be slow growth with very few if any flowers

You now understand your plant’s light requirements, so you are on your way to a healthy lavender plant? The next important requirement is watering, and did you know most plants die from over-watering? If you know anyone who would benefit from this article, I would appreciate it if you could share it with them?

Watering Your Lavender Plant

As I mentioned above we often kill our indoor plants by providing too much water, how I solved this problem was I bought this inexpensive moisture plant meter. My plants all stay a healthy green with plenty of blooms now, so I am very big on using this simple low-cost gardening gadget.

  • Best to allow your lavender plant to dry out between watering
  • I simply stick mine under my kitchen sink until water begins to pour out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the container.
  • You will notice when your plant is flowering it will require more frequent watering
  • Slack off your watering during the winter months, I usually only keep the top few inches of soil wet this time of the year.
  • Even during the winter allow your plant to dry out between watering


Herbs are not as needy as many of your other houseplants, so they are great gifts for beginner gardeners. You can find herb growing kits that come with everything a beginner needs to get started, you might want to keep this in mind for birthdays and Christmas time?


french lavender plant care

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Lavender Bonsai Gardening

If you ever wanted to experiment with bonsai gardening, herbs are very good plants to play around with?  Pruning your herbs really should be a part of your plant care routine, and these plants respond amazingly to pruning them regularly? So either buy yourself a lavender plant or package of seeds to get started, You can prune them into different shapes if you like? They will grow back very quickly, so if you don’t like it just allow them to grow back to the desired size you like the best?


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