Housing Assistance Programs For The Disabled

Being on disability the majority of my life, I have found housing assistance programs for the disabled to be invaluable. That is why I chose this topic, you don’t need to struggle to pay high-rent any more, and since I just recently relocated from this situation I understand what it is like. Where I live right now is like a luxury apartment compared to the house I was renting, so if you are in need of affordable housing, you really want to read my article.


housing assistance programs for the disabled

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Rent Is One Of Our Biggest Expenses

Finding a decent place to rent is a challenge for anyone, but when you have special needs this can seem impossible. Many landlords will not even consider you as a renter,  and by law, the landlord would have to make accommodations for your disabilities. So many landlords just don’t accept your application, and what should you look for in an apartment with your limitations?

  • Close distance to your physicians
  • Are there stores within a reasonable distance
  • Entrances with enough space for mobility aids
  • Vinyl flooring and flat carpets
  • Lower cabinet height
  • Kitchen counters wheelchair height
  • Grab bars in your bathroom and shower
  • Roll-in showers
  • Single lever bathroom faucets
  • LIght switches lower for wheelchair renters
  • Installed alarm systems easy to use if needed
  • Parking needs to be as close as possible to the building

The cost of rent and groceries are our biggest expense, I am on a special diet that costs me much more than other people. As hard as I have tried, I have not been able to find any assistance programs for people with strict diets. We don’t even receive extra food assistance, so food is one expense that really hurts me.


housing assistance programs for the disabled


Mobility Device Deals For The Disabled

Housing Assistance Programs

I am sure you are anxious for me to provide you the programs, so I am not going to keep you in suspense. I do hope you will continue reading the rest of my article, you will find some very good information.

  • Section 8 Housing
  • HUD Low Income Programs
  • HUD Vouchers
  • Subsidized Housing
  • Non-Elderly Vouchers
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit

I am going to share what I know about each of these, and I have used several of them over the years. We will begin with section 8, and that was the program I was on before moving to a low-income apartment.

Section 8 Housing

This program was paying approximately two-thirds of my rent, but what put me in financial debt was all the utility bills. If you go with this, you want to try to get as many utilities included in your rent. Otherwise, you will end up like me with high credit card debt. You can read my story about how I got out of debt by clicking here, and I am sure it will provide you some information to help you as well.

  • Subsidized rent program
  • Search for utilities included
  • Pays approximately two-thirds of your rent depending on your income
  • Physical limitations
  • Developmental disability
  •  Chronic health issues
  • Mental health

Section 8 is also available for low-income families, but the circumstances might be different for them. Any family with at least one person who is disabled should apply, and what I loved the most I could live independently on my own.

HUD Low Income Program

This program is for anyone living on a low-income, but the majority of people are senior citizens and disabled people. For those of you who might be interested, I have shared what I know below.

  • You pay approximately 30% of the adjusted income
  • 10% of monthly income
  • Public assistance pays between $25.00 and $50.00 in my area

I am more than happy with my apartment through this program, and I am paying $310.00 per month that includes all my utilities. There is an adjustment to living in an apartment building, but where I choose comes with a balcony which is really cool.


housing assistance programs for the disabled


As you can see they are small compared to others, but they are large enough for me. This has been a good move for me, I was struggling not only financially, but also physically trying to keep a house clean. Everything is on one floor which is awesome, so if steps are getting to be a challenge this might be the best solution for you?

Housing Vouchers

HUD has this housing voucher program, but I have never used this myself. The voucher is a rent-only assistance program, you are not able to use it for food or pay any other bills.

  • Household income  50% or less than the average income of where you live
  • Assists to pay your rent expense
  • Public agencies program
  • PHAs

Contact your public housing assistance agency for more information, so that is all I could find out for you on this option. Next on our agenda is subsidized housing, and that is what we will learn about now.

Subsidized Housing

This is an affordable option for people who are disabled, and this is primarily used by seniors and disabled people. I am seeing more young people using this where I live, so that tells me our younger generation is not as healthy as we were at their age.

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Non-Elderly Housing Assistance

Today there are sadly many younger people who are disabled, so I thought it was important to include this in this article. The majority of these people are mentally disabled, but some are also physically as well.

  • Same as the section 8 housing vouchers
  • Public housing agencies manage this program as well
  • Disabled can get access to a low-cost apartment
  • You will need to go to your local public housing agency to apply

Many people might not be familiar with our next program, and this is the tax credit program? So this one is another one worth mentioning, if you are interested read the next paragraph.

Tax Credit Program

This is another option for anyone who is disabled to consider, and this provides affordable housing for many people. The program benefits the landowner, they will receive a tax credit for building apartments and homes on their property, I was not familiar with this one until now.

  • Landowner provides all types of supports for the disabled tenants
  • Better living
  • Affordable housing
  • Lower rent

This benefits both the tenant and the landowner, so this program is to encourage more people who own land to provide affordable housing for the disabled. They must provide ramps for those in wheelchairs, and whatever other accommodations that would be required.

housing assistance programs for the disabled

Are You Able To Work From Home?

Many people today with limitations are finding it possible to work from home, so many of us are not able to work outside of our homes with our disabilities. I wrote an article you might be interested in reading, you will learn what type of jobs you might be able to do despite your limitations. You can gain access to this article with the link below, and I thank you for visiting Just Ask For Help.

Work At Home Jobs For The Disabled

How To Get Started Guide

I am completely out of debt other than a car payment, and this all happened by accidentally finding this one website. They provided me everything I needed to work online, so if you are able this might also be an option for you?

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I would love to hear from you, and you can leave me a comment at the end of this article. Your comments provide me important information, and if you have any requests just let me know. This I am sure is going to improve some of your lives, I know making the change to a low-income apartment has given me more money to spend. If you are struggling to pay your bills and buy food, you really need to contact your public housing agency.


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