How To Get Out Of Debt Free

Are you receiving disability, so maybe you just are earning a low income? Whatever your situation, how to get out of debt free might help you? Many of us struggling can end up this way, so don’t be embarrassed or blame yourself. I was experiencing this not so long ago, and that is why I chose this topic to share with you today. You do have some options to consider, so let us learn what they are?


how to get out of debt free

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Debt Relief Services

It is no secret debt relief services are one option, but you must give up all your credit cards. What if you are only struggling with one of your cards, so are you willing to give up all of them just because of one? I looked into this, but I was not ready to do this yet, but for anyone who is interested here are some you can consider.

  • National Debt Relief is the number one recommended company, so I would check with them before the others.
  • Freedom Debt Relief
  • Credit Associates
  • Accredited Debt Relief
  • Lending Tree

If you are only struggling with one credit card, you must decide are you ready to give up the rest of them? I was not interested in going this route myself, and also this will be on your record for quite some time. This action will ruin your credit, so think carefully before you say Yes to any of these companies.

Are You A Homeowner?

If you own your own home, you have another option to consider? My parents made this mistake, but you can do a reverse mortgage. Before you choose to go with this, I have some things you really need to know.

  • Extremely High Fees
  • Accumulating Interest
  • Restricted Amount of Cash
  • Very Complicated to Understand
  • Avoid if you are eligible for low-income assistance
  • Think carefully if you might move in the near future
  • Are you willing to forfeit your families inheritance

Before you sign any papers, I advise you to consult a lawyer. My parents trusted the reverse mortgage, and one day they were booted from their own home. I am not implying all companies would do the same to you, but this is something I really encourage you to consult a lawyer. You might be interested in reading this guide I found for you, the complete guide to reverse mortgage rates and fees.


how to get out of debt free


Debt Consolidation Loans

Many people end up with a debt consolidation loan, but this actually backfires for most people. You are looking to cut down your debt, but this most of the time only changes who you owe money to. By chance, if this is something you are thinking about, I will provide you some places to check out.

  • Clear One
  • Fast Track
  • Upstart
  • Super Money
  • Monevo

This is something you really never want to consider, but this does work for some people to lower their monthly payments. You must understand your interest is going to be high, so many borrowers find it takes them forever to pay the loan off. I considered all of these myself, but I decided they were not going to improve my life. What other options do you have, I am going to share how I got out of debt next.

How To Get Out Of Debt?

What I did was started earning extra cash online, and I even wrote an article How to Work from Home with a Computer, you are free to read my article for more information. I am in fact providing step-by-step training on how to do this, you will learn everything from designing your website and much more. How much does this cost, I am providing this for FREE. Below are the articles I have published so far, so feel free to read them if they interest you.

If you read these articles and follow them, you will be caught up with my other readers. Today I am sharing about using keywords, and you really don’t want to miss this as well. I promise you I am debt-free since starting working from home, and anyone can do this with me guiding them along the way.

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Introduction To Keyword Research

It is no secret learning keyword research is the key, and I am going to begin helping you understand this strategy. A keyword is a word or phrase, but not just any word or phrase. These are specific ones searchers are typing into Google and Bing, so once you learn what people are searching for you are on your way.


how to get out of debt free


Let us say we type this keyword into Google, so below are the top articles that were ranked using this keyword. With keyword research tools you can learn if this is a good keyword to use, and I have provided you the best free and paid tools.

how to get out of debt free

Now every one of these articles chose the same keyword, so to be successful you must write a better article than these. I am sure you are wondering how to do this, and I am sharing a keyword training from my blogging community with you. This will help you understand better, and there also is a video training you should watch.

Free Keyword Tools

Since I am a member of my blogging community, I have access to one of the best keyword research tools. You can test this out on my website side blog, you will find it to the top right. I  am able to provide you 30 free searches to try it out, so this is just a way to let you see how this works by using it yourself. Here are some free tools available, but I can’t say if they are going to provide you the best results?

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Generator
  • Answer the Public
  • Keyword Strategy Tool
  • The Keyword Tool
  • Google Trends

These are highly recommended as the best, so most people prefer Google Keyword Planner over the others on this list. I used this Google tool before joining my blogging community, I must say it is a bit confusing to understand. Jaaxy is very simple to use and understand, and you have 30 free searches to see how it works.

Best Paid Keyword Research Tools

Just to be fair, I am going to provide you what are considered the best-paid tools. I understand you are in no situation to go deeper in debt, so understand this is not to get you to buy anything. I just want to provide you as much information as possible, and my intention is not to put you deeper into debt.

  • Moz Pro
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • SpyFu
  • WordTracker

You will find the monthly cost for these ranges from $27.00 to $99.00, and this is a monthly fee. So you can see how paying for these are quite expensive, and for most of you starting out the free versions are your best choices.

Earning Money Online

This is how I am debt-free today, and you might be wondering why I am helping people. I love providing assistance to those struggling, and it was not so long ago I was one of YOU. You are not going to find any products or services pushed at you from Just Ask for Help, and the only links you will find are my articles and training that will not cost you anything. I am sharing from my blogging community so you can learn, and I learned from them so why can’t you?


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