How To Grow Peppermint Indoors

This herb provides many health benefits, you can learn how to grow peppermint indoors by reading this article? Tea made from this herb is super easy to do, and there are many other recipes that provide you health benefits. We need to go back to natural healthcare, so if this interests you, this is an article you don’t want to miss?

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how to grow peppermint indoors

Easy Peppermint Recipes


How To Start Growing Peppermint?

One thing about herbs is they thrive to stay alive, you can grow them indoors with great success? These plants are gifts from God for natural healing, why we have turned to medications is beyond me? Anyway, here are your best steps to getting started growing your own peppermint plant?

These are the easiest methods to get started, so do you know anyone with peppermint growing in their home garden? This is how I started my first plant, and once you have one you can keep growing more from just one? Mint is one of the fastest and most hardy herbs you will ever find, unless you have a huge space for them, container gardening is the best way to go?

Choosing Your Container?

Now you either have your seeds or seedling, I recommend you invest in a peppermint plant considering how inexpensive they are? Even though growing from seed is not difficult to do, you will need patience and constant care? Plants are already established, so this is the easiest method for beginners.

  • Plastic containers seem to do better than any other type for this herb, I am fond of ceramic planters myself? If you go with anything other than plastic, you must check your plant regularly since they dry out quicker?
  • Be sure there are holes in your container, you can easily drill them or punch them with a spike depending on the material you have chosen to use?
  • Wider is the best for this herb, so I would choose at least 8-12 inch wide containers.

The mint family spreads rapidly once established, so by going with a wider planter you are providing them more room to grow. You also will find pruning your peppermint plant regularly if you wish to keep it the desired size, so you are now ready to go shopping for a planter?

Potting Mix

Now, you have the container of your choice? What is the best potting mix is our next step? One thing about this herb is no special potting mix is required? Best Buy has a sweet deal if you are interested, you receive Miracle-Gro Potting Mix plus their indoor plant food at a very reasonable price? I always use Miracle-Gro myself, so if this appeals to you why not jump on this deal?

Planting Your Peppermint Plant

I fill my container about one-third with Miracle-Gro, I then take my plant from its container and place it in its new home. Once you place your plant add more soil around your plants’ root system, now you want to pack the soil firmly to remove any air pockets. Any air pockets could dry out the root system, now fill your container about three-quarters full leaving enough room for watering.

  • I always water my plant immediately after placing it in its new home, you will want to provide approximately one 8-ounce glass of water to your peppermint seedling. Some gardening websites suggest you give your transplant a 24 hour adjustment period before watering, but with herbs, I have never experienced any problems watering them immediately?
  • You have two options for water, I fill an empty gallon jug with tap water and allow it to sit overnight with the lid removed. This will allow any chemicals to evaporate, another option is to use distilled water instead?

Success, you have just planted your very first peppermint seedling. Before I leave you, I wish to provide you some peppermint plant care advice? I want you to experience the most success with your new houseguest, here are some ways I take care of my own peppermint indoors?


how to grow peppermint indoors

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Peppermint Indoor Plant Care

I could not leave you without providing you how to care for your peppermint plant. if you are brand new to indoor gardening, you might not be sure how to care for herbs? After reading this, you will have a very good source of information for the most success? Don’t worry too much about this, you are growing one of the easiest plants of the mint family?

  • Place it where it will receive indirect light
  • Morning & afternoon sun is your goal
  • Avoid mid-day sun, you could burn your plant or even cause dehydration
  • Rotate every 3-4 days, your plant will grow towards the sunlight. So by turning your plant, you will be providing light to your entire plant.
  • Your best spot will be a north-facing window
  • A second option is a place across the room from a south-facing window

You know understand the basic light requirement to care for your peppermint, I thought you might need some guidance on watering your plant next? Most indoor plants die from over-watering them, so I feel this is something you really need to understand?

How To Water Your Peppermint Plant?

You want to avoid over-watering any plant, but indoor plants are easy to water too much? Many of us are used to growing outdoors, so we must adjust our routine when growing indoors instead? An inexpensive garden tool I recommend is a moisture meter, since purchasing this tool my indoor garden is just beautiful. I lost more of my plants than I would like to admit before purchasing this tool, you can find these often for less than $20.00.

  • Water regularly as needed, I usually check all my indoor plants every 2-3 days with my moisture meter, you will find all your plants will not need to require watering at the same time?
  • I usually will add approximately 2 cups of water, but my favorite method is to water until the water begins to drip out of the bottom of my planter?
  • I also mist my indoor garden once per week, you will find this will add the humidity they need? You can also place a tray of water near your indoor garden, so as the water evaporates it will provide humidity to your garden?
  • Adding a humidifier is yet another option you have, if you only have the peppermint plant you can purchase a portable personal humidifier?

I have tried to provide you enough options that will work for you, what you want to be the most careful of is not to place your plant too close to a window and water them carefully. The last thing is providing humidity, but many houseplants do just fine without you adding any humidity to your apartment or home?


how to grow peppermint indoors

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Should You Fertilize Peppermint?

Many peppermint plants indoors do fine without fertilizing them, I make my own fertilizer by adding 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to my gallon of tap water? This has worked very well for me without using a commercial fertilizer, so you can use this option if you wish to?

  • Water-soluble time-released fertilizer is recommended, but as I shared above my homemade fertilizer works very well for me?
  • Avoid over-using commercial fertilizers, they are known to affect the taste of peppermint?

If you plan to use your peppermint for homemade health recipes, I suggest you avoid using commercial fertilizers? You will find that simply adding 1 tablespoon of white vinegar per gallon of water will keep your plant healthy, you also will find your plant will grow rapidly to provide you more than enough for your needs? What is really cool you can always start new plants from cuttings from your present plant if you need more, so this is one of my favorite herbs I use regularly?

What About My Peppermint Flowers?

If you are more interested in your peppermint for home decor, you will love the beautiful flowers that will appear if you allow them to grow? For medicinal purposes, you will want to snip the flowers off as soon as they appear? The flowers will decrease the potency of the leaves, you also will experience a very bland peppermint tea?

  • Allowing your flowers to bloom will be a way to receive peppermint seeds, so if you ever do want seeds from your plant this is how you will get them?

If this article was interesting and informative, I would appreciate it if you could share it with your family and friends? Again thank you for visiting Just Ask For Help, if you have any requests for articles please leave them in the comments?



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