How To Help Someone With Social Anxiety Disorder

How to help someone with social anxiety disorder, you might be curious why I am writing about this today? From my own experience with disability, I developed this health problem. Once you become anti-social, you will find it is a challenge to overcome. Just ask for help is more than a business website, I am on a serious mission to help anyone struggling. Did you know this is a cause for many people to start receiving benefits, so this is an important issue we need to address for our society today?


how to help someone with social anxiety disorder


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Traditional Treatment

Like, everyone, I went through the traditional treatments recommended. These can ease your symptoms, but they are not going to cure you. I am not trained in the medical field in any way, so everything in this article is from my own experience.

  • Medication
  • Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy

I am going to share my own experience with each of these with you, so let us begin with medications. Are they right for you, and what to watch out for?

Are Medications Right For You?

I was prescribed 13 medications by a physician, and this only gave me the feeling of being numb. From my experience, these only took away my life, I felt like I was only existing instead of improving my life. Now after I found the right physician, I was taken off all these meds. Today I am only on one prescription, so finding the right doctor is the key.

Possible Side-Effects

  • Dizziness
  • Feeling numb
  • Dry mouth
  • Weight gain
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Memory
  • Shaky
  • Nausea

These were the side-effects I was experiencing, but everyone is different. The problem is I never realized it was the meds, I had zero energy. I would struggle to do simple cognitive functions, and managing my bank account was impossible.


how to help someone with social anxiety disorder


Talk To A Therapist Recommended

Your first step should be a therapist, so I suggest you consider this before medication. Suggesting to someone to see a therapist, you are going to help them. This type of treatment has fewer risks than prescription drugs, and tagging along with them for support is recommended. I was tackling my problems on my own, so having a good support system is very important.

Online Therapy Programs

  • Talkspace
  • BetterHelp
  • Regain
  • Teen Counseling
  • Doctor on Demand

For many people with social anxiety, you can help them by providing them online programs. We have an extreme fear of going to new places, and also experiencing new things. You will have more success with online therapy many times, and if this would have been an option I would have gone this route myself.

Cognitive Therapy Treatment

This type of treatment is used for people with anxiety and depression, you will find most of us are experiencing both of these, not just one. Before I tried this type of therapy, I was not aware of my thinking and behavior. This is something else I suggest before medication, so try to persuade your loved one to give this a try.

  • Exposure
  • Cognitive reprogramming
  • Social skills training

I will admit using these three strategies was the key for me, but you are going to have to hold your loved one’s hand. Anyone with severe social anxiety disorder needs support, but sadly many people lack this from their families. You can help someone the most by being there for them, and even if you don’t understand support them.

Taking Baby Steps

This was the most important key for me, you must be patient and avoid exposing them to too much. Easing into going out is a must, and if you push them you are going to make them worse. I had to force myself to go out, and I even got all dressed up, but then chickened out. Anyone living with this disorder is ashamed, so many times you might not even know they are experiencing fear.


how to help someone with social anxiety disorder


Reprogramming Your Brain

Anyone living this nightmare must reprogram their brain, and at first, this can be a challenge. We have been thinking this way for so long it is natural, so you must catch yourself thinking negatively. Once you start to realize your bad thoughts, you can stop yourself. Now you want to replace those with positive thoughts instead. This will take time to accomplish, but eventually, you will experience success.

Training Yourself To Be Social Again

If you have been living this way very long, you are going to find social events to be very stressful. I used to have my mind go blank, and I just could not think of anything to say. This is normal for people with long-term social anxiety, so again you must ease them into social events.

Chatting Online

One of the ways I overcome this was by chatting online, so this is a kind of online social training. After you do this for a while it becomes natural, and then you will be ready to go live. Where are good places to start, you can get great practice on social media websites?


Opening a Facebook account is a great start, you will want to ease into this as well. Open your account, but only accept family and friends, you will be less anxious talking with people you know. Even this is going to be a challenge for many of you, but this really helped me learn how to socialize out in public.


Can You Work With Social Anxiety Disorder?

Some people can improve enough to work outside of the home, but others will need to find ways to work from home instead. How to work from home with a computer is what I did, so learning ways to earn an income online might be the answer for you? I have included a list below with options with social anxiety, so hopefully one of these will be right for you?

I am still receiving disability benefits, but I am earning extra income online. You can work while receiving disability benefits, but you are only allowed to earn a specific amount per month. Everyone’s allowance is different, so you will need to check with social security. I am permitted to earn $1,020.00 per month. For me, it is not as much money, but this gives me a purpose in my life.


how to help someone with social anxiety disorder


Where To Get Training

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Not Ready To Work From Home Yet?

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