Pickled Ginger Root Recipes

How many of you are interested in pickled ginger root recipes, you are in luck I have the best recipes just waiting for you? Maybe you are new to this herb, and if so this article will provide you information that will be useful to you? Let us begin our online learning on ginger root right now, I thank you for visiting Just Ask For Help.

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pickled ginger root recipes
Ground Ginger Root  Sale 


Is Ginger Root Healthy?

Using herbs is our safest method to remaining healthy as we age, but how many of you are questioning if the ginger root is really healthy for you? For those of you new to this herb, I have provided you some of the health benefits of using this in the recipes?

  • B1
  • B2
  • B6
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Studies have shown this herb provides ovary cancer benefits
  • Recommended as a natural cancer treatment to induce cancer cells to attack themselves and kill themself off
  • What harm can it do to add a little ginger root to your daily diet
  • Libido boost for both men and women
  • Improves cognitive functioning
  • Natural treatment for irritable bowel syndrome
  • Alzheimer’s Disease preventative
  • One very powerful antioxidant
  • Increases energy
  • Nassau & vomiting preventative
  • Gum infection preventative
  • May reduce the glucose levels in the blood
  • Diabetes-friendly
  • Natural weight-loss fat burner
  • Appetite management
  • Aids your body to absorb nutrients
  • Women have experienced ginger root reduces their morning sickness when pregnant
  • Natural anti-inflammatory especially for arthritis in seniors
  • Improves your blood flow for more energy
  • Bloating & digestive relief
  • Reduces chronic pain naturally
  • Better for migraines without the side-effects
  • Aids in easing respiratory symptoms

Could ginger root be another one of those super herbs we hear about, you need to beware these benefits are not the same for everyone? You now know the possible health benefits from this herb, so read on to learn even more before we get to the recipes?

How To Grow Ginger Root?

Being a gardener since the age of 5 years old, I am always interested in how to grow my own herbs? For anyone interested in learning how to grow this at home, I have provided you an easy step-by-step process? Let us begin learning how to accomplish this, and you may even wish to share this with your family and friends?

  • You will want to purchase organic ginger
  • I recommend choosing a 4-6 inch long piece of this herb
  • A plump piece is what you want to use for growing your own
  • Be sure it is not dried out

Now you understand what you need to look for in your fresh organic ginger root, so not wasting any time, let us move on to the next step?

pickled ginger root recipes

Fresh Organic Ginger Roots


How To Prepare Ginger Root?

As you see by the image above, and so you have many growths or bumps similar to potato buds? These growths are how we are going to grow our own ginger roots? Every bump can be used to grow another plant, so already you are learning something new?

  • We want to cut pieces between each growth, I would recommend you go for 1 to 2-inch pieces.
  • Now you should have several pieces to begin the planting process, you can grow a new plant from each of your pieces.
  • You will want to allow them to dry and heal overnight

As I told you this is a very easy process, we are ready to move on once again? This is so easy even if you never grew a plant before, you will experience success.

How To Plant Ginger Root?

You are going to prepare for the planting process, I am going to share some basic container tips? This will make this easier for first-timers to understand, I want everyone to experience success?

  • You will want a 12-inch diameter container or flower pot, now it is very important to check the bottom for drainage holes
  • Now you also want a high-quality potting mix
  • Fill your container or pot with the potting mix leaving an inch or two at the top, you don’t want to fill it completely full or you will have a mess when planting and watering.
  • Plant one of your pieces approximately 3-inches deep
  • Be sure you placed the bump facing up
  • If you wish to plant all your pieces just repeat these steps
  • In approximately 6-8 weeks you will start to see little heads poking out of your potting mix

Being patient is going to be the most difficult part for most of you, but this process rarely fails, so if you plant more than one you have nothing to worry about? Ginger plants also make great plants for home decor, so maybe save one as your very own plant companion?

Ginger Root Watering Tips

Keeping a close eye on your containers is an important part of success, you will want the potting mix to be moist but be careful not to overwater, I have killed many plants in the past by watering them too much? If you lack the confidence, you can purchase an inexpensive plant moisture meter at most gardening centers?

  • You should feed your plant once per month
  • I use a high-quality liquid fertilizer
  • Place  your container in the brightest spot in your apartment or home

I have a portable greenhouse because I am constantly starting new plants, but if this is going to be a one-time project a sunny window will work just fine? I don’t believe in recommending merchandise you really don’t need, but if you find this to become a hobby a greenhouse is a very affordable investment? I live in an apartment, so mine is a very small version that works fine for me.

Harvesting Your Ginger

At last, you are ready to harvest your prize, you will find your plant mature approximately 10-12 months. Everyone will find their plant might mature at different ages, you see much depends on your growing conditions in your apartment or home?

  • Dig up your ginger plant, you will harvest all the rhizomes? I always save some to replant
  • Cut the leaves and stems back level with the soil surface
  • Now dig up the rhizomes
  • Be careful separating them and wash them off with cool water

Now you have your own fresh ginger root, you can use these all or save some to grow more plants? Storing in your fridge is your best option, and mine usually stay good for up to 3 months?


pickled ginger root recipes

Top Secret Recipes


Pickled Ginger Recipes

Here we are finally to the recipes, I am sure you will find all of these worth giving them a try? If you are interested in other recipes as well, I have one you might want to check out? Lavender lemonade cocktail is very easy to prepare, so if you are into a new beverage this one might be great for when you are expecting guests?

Just click on the link above for the recipes from the best cooking websites online, you will be taken to the search page for your convenience? I am able to share so many more with you using this approach, so let me know if you try any of them in my comments section?



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