Total Diabetic Supplies

This article you will find provides more information than total diabetic supplies, so if you are living with this health problem please read this post. Being diabetic affects so many of our lives, I decided to research this in more detail to help you manage your symptoms better.

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total diabetic supplies
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Diabetes Money Saving Tips

I would like to begin by providing you some ways to save money, and being disabled I know how expensive medical supplies can be. Here are some suggestions to consider giving a try, and I do hope some of them help you.

  • Filling your prescriptions at online stores can save you as much as fifty percent
  • When possible choose a less  expensive brand
  • Ask your physician to recommend you one of the less expensive brands
  • Consider off-brand lancets if possible, you can ask your physician if this is an option for you
  • Purchasing short-dated test strips can save you between 50 and 90 percent, but be sure you are able to use them before their expiration date.
  • Purchase in bulk often you can receive free shipping, and shipping costs can really increase your expense more than you might realize
  • Take advantage of coupons, you can save money on many of your supplies by start couponing regularly
  • Join mailing lists such as Diabetes Discount Store, you will receive coupons and exclusive deals by being a VIP customer
  • Contacting manufacturers can often provide you free samples and special discounts
  • Join a diabetes support group, you can help one another with so much information that will benefit all of you
  • If you find yourself financially unable to purchase your supplies, you should reach out to your local churches for a helping hand.

As a special gift to you, I have included where you can get started couponing for free. You will find all your favorite merchants here, and saving on more of your purchases also is a way to save money. You will find I love to share coupons with my readers to give them a helping hand, so by visiting Just Ask For Help you can receive these simply by bookmarking my website.

Diabetes Disability

Are you struggling to work away from your home, and many people with diabetes will experience this as a serious problem? Can you be eligible to be considered disabled, you will find the answer to this question is YES.

  • Diabetes is considered a disability
  • Both types of this health problem are eligible
  • Everyone with diabetes will not be able to receive disability benefits, but if your symptoms are severe enough you should consult your physician if this is an option.
  • Do your symptoms limit your ability to function effectively
  • This is considered a disability even if you are able to manage it effectively
  • Most often this illness is an invisible disability
  • Consult your physician to consider if you are a good candidate to apply for disability benefits

Being limited in my health, I want to do everything possible to help you. The very first step is to know your rights if you are attempting to work outside of your home, you want to stand up for your rights and never allow a company to take advantage of you.

Employment Discrimination

Even today discrimination is more common than we would like to think, and with our society experiencing more new health diseases and disorders it is not going to go away. Let us look at ways you can try to manage your health more effectively, and for some, even these might not be enough that you are able to work?

  • Develop a good sleep routine
  • Make it a point to eat breakfast
  • Drink one full glass of water before going to work
  • Talk with your employer about your needs
  • Provide your supervisor a note from your physician
  • Reasonable accommodations for your limitations are the law
  • Being on a strict diet myself, I know how temptation from food is a challenge. This I have found is one of my most difficult things to stick to, so you must be strong and not give in to your food temptations.
  • Smart healthy snacks during the day are the key to feeling your best, you might find protein bars to be one of your best snacks at work to have?
  • Whenever possible every 30 minutes to an hour take a short walk, and if this is not an option learn stretching exercises you are able to do standing by your desk.
  • Treadmill desks are becoming very popular in the workplace, so mention this to your employer if nothing else is an option?
  • Prepare for emergency sugar attacks, you might find creating an emergency kit for sugar attacks to keep at work to be a very good strategy.
  • Consider investing in a Glucose Monitor, you can keep track of your sugar levels all-day

The tips above have helped some people able to be employed, but what are your options if working outside of your home is just not working for you? Maybe you are not eligible for disability, but you have frequent flare-ups that make it impossible to go to work on those days?


total diabetes supplies

Disability Products For The Home


Diabetes Employment Options

Anyone who has a chronic health problem knows they just are not able to work during flare-ups, you will find the majority of flare-ups require rest not working? Maybe you would be able to earn a living from home, so let us consider some options you have if working outside of the home just isn’t working for you?

  • Blogger
  • Digital Marketer
  • Online Coach or Counselor
  • Coder
  • Programming
  • Writer or Editor
  • Medical Transcriptionist
  • Design Consultant
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Teaching
  • Tutoring
  • Customer Representative
  • Social Media Manager
  • Data Entry Worker

You will find these are the recommended options that might be your answer, and you might have the experience to do one of these from the years you were able to be employed. If not and you need some training, I have some resources for you?

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Plural Sight
  • TreeHouse
  • Udacity
  • Wealthy Affiliate

You will find these all are affordable and legitimate programs, so depending on what you are interested in learning will determine which of these might be the best choice for you? How I learned affiliate marketing was from Wealthy Affiliate, you will find this is a community of people helping each other. You can start as a Free Starter Member to test the waters, and you can sign up without even providing a credit card.

Disabled Job Seeker Resources

Maybe you just are in need of changing careers, so you might benefit more by checking these resources? You will find these are specifically for people with limitations, and so if this interests you more consider the list below?

  • Ability Jobs
  • DisABLED Person
  • CareersWithVision
  • Circa
  • Hire Disability Solutions
  • National Telecommuting Institute

If you are searching for a career change, you will find these the most helpful? These websites understand people with limitations, so they specialize in the best employment opportunities. I tried going back to college without any success, I just have too frequent flare-ups, and even volunteer work didn’t pan out for me.  Then I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, and from the first day, my life suddenly changed.


total diabetes supplies

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Diabetes Organizations

To assist you even further I am going to share some organizations especially for you, these are specifically for people with diabetes. I hope this article has been helpful, you are encouraged to share this with your family and friends? You will find share buttons to make this easy for you to do, and if you have anything to share or questions please do leave me a comment.

  • Diabetes Care and Education Practice Group
  • International Diabetes Federation
  • Patient Help Network
  • National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases
  • Assist Diabetics

You might be interested in visiting Assist Diabetes, they will buy your test strips from you for cash? If this has gotten your attention, you might want to check this out? Maybe you would like to know exactly how this works, so here is what the website has to say?

  • Request your pre-paid shipping kit
  • Send your test strips via USPS
  • Receive your check in the mail
  • Toll-Free Support

You can receive your pre-paid shipping kit by visiting their website, you will just fill out a simple form and your kit will arrive in your mail. If you need or want more information, you can contact them toll-free at the phone number below.

888-310-3020 Mon-Sat 9 am to 6pm EST

Diabetes Triggers

The majority of people experience stress as their main trigger, and this goes for anyone with any type of debilitating disease or disorder? Do you know the signs that stress is a problem for you, so to help you manage your health effectively here are some symptoms to watch out for?

  • Headaches
  • Muscle Pain
  • Muscle Tension
  • Sleeping Too Much or Not Enough
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Irritable for no Reason
  • Feeling Down or Blue
  • Restless
  • Anxious
  • Avoid your family and friends
  • Isolating
  • Overeating
  • Undereating
  • Excessive Alcohol, Smoking, or Drugs

If you are experiencing several of these symptoms stress is very likely a trigger for you, so how can you manage your stressors effectively?

Managing Stress

I am going to provide you some tips on managing your stressors, and you just might find these are going to help you feel better? Many times just understanding what is going on can help, I know my flare-ups usually are triggered when I am experiencing more stress than I can manage?

  • Mediation
  • Yoga
  • Visualization
  • Breathing Therapy
  • Avoiding Toxic People when Possible
  • Increase your physical activity
  • Learn to Say No on your Bad Days
  • Hiking Nature Trails
  • Swimming
  • Reducing your Stress from Work
  • Join Online Support Groups
  • Local Support Groups if Available
  • Therapy

I have found taking short walks throughout the day with my dog works very well for me, and if you able to care for a pet they can make a huge difference in your life? My Australian Shepherd motivates me to keep moving, and if I didn’t have him pushing me, I would stay in my apartment much more.

Diabetes Management

You will find the management techniques above will work for everyone, but you will need to experiment to find the ones that are right for you? I hope this article has provided you some information that will help you, and that is what Just Ask For Help is all about. Thank you for visiting my website, and I hope you will return very soon?


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