Visually Impaired Reading Devices

Are you interested in visually impaired reading devices, you are not alone? People with chronic health problems often experience this, and also as we age this can become an issue for many of us. This article will provide you important information on devices on the market, but also learn more about health problems that affect your eyes.

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visually impaired reading devices

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Visually Impaired High-Risk People

Some of us with specific health conditions are at higher risk than others, I want you to know what these conditions are to be prepared in case this happens to you?  I believe in research to understand the possibilities of what the future might bring, I am experiencing my organs gradually shutting down, but I knew this was going to happen one day? Being prepared has been less of a shock to me, and my emotional state is still very positive.

  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Rosacea
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Liver Disease
  • Nutritional Deficiencies
  • Sickle Cell Disease

If you are living with any of these, you want to realize you are at risk for vision complications? That does not mean you will experience any complications, but you need to be sure to be seen by an eye doctor regularly to monitor your vision. Health and Wellness products have come a long way, and low vision aids are next.

Low Vision Health Products

These are some of the most common products purchased by people who require vision aids, I just want you to be aware these do exist? Just knowing they are on the market can ease many people’s anxiety, and providing you this information is what Just Ask For Help is all about.

  • Magnifying Mirrors
  • Medication Aids
  • Talking Health Monitors
  • Weight Scales that Talk
  • Video Recorders
  • Electronic Organizers
  • Book Readers
  • Audio Players
  • Talking Bibles
  • Clocks and Watches that Talk
  • Vibrating Clocks and Watches
  • Wearable Technology
  • Handheld Electronic Magnifiers
  • Magnifying Lamps
  • Cooking Aids and Appliances
  • Eating Aids
  • Reading Stands
  • Low Vision Telephones
  • Amplified Telephones
  • Visually Impaired Cell Phones
  • Mobility Technology
  • Alerting Devices

Here is a list of the most common health merchandise for visually impaired people, now you know more about what is available if you ever are in need of assistance? These can make your life so much less stressful, so don’t avoid shopping for them if you really need them?

National Library Service

My autoimmune disease has caused my vision to be impaired, and I enrolled in this free program that I highly recommend. You will receive an audio player absolutely free, and you choose the type of reading material that interests you. As you send the digital audiobooks back, you will be sent new ones in the mail.

  1. Blind persons whose visual acuity, as determined by a competent authority, is 20/200 or less in the better eye with correcting lenses, or the widest diameter of visual field subtends an angular distance no greater than 20 degrees.
  2. Persons whose visual disability, with correction and regardless of optical measurement, is certified by competent authority as preventing the reading of standard printed material
  3. Persons certified by competent authority as unable to read or unable to use standard printed material as a result of physical limitations.
  4. Persons certified by competent authority as having a perceptual or reading disability of sufficient severity to prevent their reading printed material in a normal manner.
  5. Persons eligible for service (falling into any of the above categories) who are now living as residents of the United States (including its territories, insular possessions, and the District of Columbia), or are American citizens eligible for service who are now living abroad, or dependents of active military personnel or diplomats.

If you are interested in reading more about this awesome program, you should go to the National Library Service and apply. The worse that can happen is you will not be eligible, but I have never known anyone who has been turned down?


visually impaired reading devices

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OrCam Reading Device

One of the very high reading devices is the OrCam, you will love how this works? The most popular product among people with vision impairment, you will be amazed once you read more about this incredible aid.

  • Takes a picture of the text
  • Converts the text into words
  • You listen to the text through a mini earpiece
  • Able to read text from most computer screens, menus, newspapers, and more
  • You are even able to pause your reading for a snack if you desire to

An amazing piece of merchandise, but at the same time very expensive to own. You can find this on Amazon for the price between $1600.00 to $3000.00, so sadly for many of us on disability, this is just way out of our price range.

Kindle E-Readers

This is much more affordable for everyone, and even though it does not do what OrCam does it will get the job done for you? You will find this available at Best Buy for $249.99, and another choice is one for $129.99. If you are interested you can learn about both of these, so keep reading to learn more?

Kindle Oasis

  • $249.99
  • 7-inch e-reader
  • 8 GB
  • Free shipping
  • 5-star rating out of 102 consumers
  • Anti-glare display
  • High-speed USB port
  • WiFi
  • Long-lasting battery
  • An adjustable warm light for night reading
  • Water-resistant

Kindle Paperwhite

  • 6 inches
  • 8 GB
  • Free shipping
  • 5-star rating out of 49 consumers
  • Anti-glare display
  • High-speed USB port
  • WiFi
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Built-in adjustable light
  • Water-resistant

There is a difference between the two, so even if you choose the Kindle Papermate your still receiving a great reading device? Ask yourself is it worth me spending the extra money for the differences, and this might help you make the decision which one is the best one for you?

Best EBook Readers

Let us get another opinion, so I found an article written by PC Magazine. They did research on the best e-book readers for 2021, now let us see what they found out?

  • Kindle Paperwhite 2018
  • Kobo Clara HD
  • Onyx Boox Note Air
  • Apple iPod 2020
  • Barnes and Noble Nook GlowLIght 3
  • Kobo Libra H2O
  • Kindle Kids Edition
  • Kindle Oasis 2019

These are their top eight picks as the best buys, and now you have even more choices to choose from? I want to make the point that the Kindle Paperwhite is at the top of their list, so this sounds to be a much better deal than the Kindle Oasis according to PC Magazine.


visually impaired reading devices

Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader


Visually Impaired Guide

I find my most frustrating vision challenge is reading, and especially my prescription bottles and the merchandise I buy. It really can stress you out trying to read assembly instructions as well, and unless you experience this problem you have no idea how anxious this makes us feel?

  • Create a well-lit home environment
  • Purchase high voltage light bulbs
  • Adding additional lamps is more helpful than you might imagine
  • Choose an address book that allows you to write large letters and numbers
  • Larger screen televisions are easier on your eyes
  • Walk slower to avoid tripping over street curbs and other obstacles
  • Wearing sunglasses on sunny days is a must for me

I always like to try to leave you some tips that might help you, so these I hope are things that will improve your daily life? Feel free to comment and share this article, I really want to help as many people as possible.


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