Work At Home Jobs For Disabled People

Before I learned about work-at-home jobs for disabled people, I was frustrated and stressed out trying to get back to earning a living. Even though I am still receiving disability benefits, I feel so much better knowing I have a purpose in my life. Are you depressed from unable to find employment that you can do, and if so possibly you also need to consider working from your home?


work at home jobs for disabled people


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Assistance For The Disabled

Before we look into possible options at home, I wanted to provide you with this opportunity. There is assistance for people who are disabled, and I am going to tell you about the Galt Foundation. All you do is fill out their application on their website, and submit your resume.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Phone number
  • Add your resume
  • Don’t have a resume you can write it on the website
  • Need assistance with your resume


You will receive an email with directions of your next steps, and the process usually takes approximately 5 days. If this option interests you, I have included the link to the Galt Foundation application page.

My Employment Options

Another consideration is My Employment Options, and they offer you free job placement if you quality. If you are receiving disability benefits, so what will it hurt to give this a try? They also provide a complete packet, and this focuses on opportunities that fit your skills. Here is the link to the application, and even if you can’t work outside of your home you should consider applying.

  • Information on disability benefits
  • Information on your work history
  • Computer skills for work from home applicants

Are you seeing some hope about now, and we have only begun exploring your opportunities? I am happy to be able to provide you this information, so how much better would my life had been if I had known about these.

Let Us Look At Some Legitimate Opportunities

Did you know there are companies that are happy to hire you, so I am going to provide you these companies next? Just knowing this should be giving you hope, and I am lucky to be the one to assist you in improving your life.

  • Salesforce
  • Amazon
  • American Express
  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • Apple
  • Mozilla
  • United Health
  • Capital One
  • IBM

You can apply with any of these companies who love hiring people with disabilities, and you can be a part of their team without having to leave your home. So here is another option you now know exists, Is your day starting to become brighter, and if so I would love to hear I am a part of the reason. Just leave me a comment letting me know, and you will brighten my day as well.

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Recommended Resources For Disabled People

Your day is going to become even brighter, I have some awesome resources to share with you. I just love helping you, and I  have been in your situation not so long ago. Why I do this is because you are important to me, and I only wish I had someone do this for me.

I am sure these resources will be helpful to you, so when you have the time check them out. By now you should be starting to get some answers, and next, I want to provide you some legitimate ways you can earn from home. Don’t fall for any get-rich schemes, and surveys really are a waste of your time.


work at home jobs for disabled people


Legitimate Work At Home Jobs

I am sure knowing the legitimate jobs you can do at home will benefit you, so I have taken the time to research this information for you. Providing you as much information is my goal, and now let us look at some of your possibilities?

These are the easiest legitimate opportunities you can find, and most of them will take very little training. You can learn many of these from Undemy online courses, and many of them are free. So now you can really think about what you want to pursue, and with the options, you just will need to narrow down what interests you the most.

How To Get Started Working From Home?

The most challenging part for most people is getting started, but often we just have no idea where to begin? That was me when I started my search to work from my home, and one thing that really concerned me was can I work with my disabilities? I have a special guest for you to meet, and her name is Dr. Laura.

How To Get Started Working From Home

  • What To Do
  • Where You Will Be
  • When Will It Take Place
  • Make It Happen

If you need even more help than I provided in my article, you really should contact Jill Hart. She has an awesome website with articles solving all types of family problems, and she did write the article How To Get Started Working From Home in 2013. This article was not focusing on the disabled, so what you should do is contact her for assistance.

Contact Jill Hart 

Starting Over Is Never Easy

I know too well starting over is never easy to do, and the most difficult part is taking that first step. Once you get started you will be happy you did, I actually feel God guided me to blogging and affiliate marketing. If my health had not failed me, I would never have found my passion for helping you. Stay positive there is a reason you have these limitations, and God does have something even better for you.



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